Bath Resurfacing Has Never Looked This Good

At Coastline Bath Resurfacing, our focus has always been on achieving the highest possible finish and durability when renewing your bathtub. With this mission in mind, we are proud to introduce our new enamel coating from Europe. Ekopel 2k the first resurfacing product that offers you a coating as good as any new bath, not just in appearance but also in durability.

The Pouring Method

All other resurfacing products are simply 2 pack paints. Applied with spray equipment. Which can bequite dangerous in your bathroom. Creating toxic fumes dust and overspray. Which is a danger to everyone including the environment.

The pouring method (Ekopel 2K) creates now dust and is 98% odourless. Also it provides a thicker richer and glossier finish. And because it is poured it can level out uneven ditches in the bottom of the bath filling ditches as deep as 5mm without the use of fillers. Ekopel 2K is great for enamelled, ceramic, and even acrylic surfaces thanks to its flexibility and self levelling properties.

Bath Resurfacing has never looked this good.

From chip repairs to resurfacing the whole bath, bath repair is something we are good at. We can also repair cracks, holes, and ditches as part of our re-enamelling service. We have repaired many baths that would have been impossible to resurface with a traditional spray painting systems. So don’t panic! Before you begin tearing out your bath, give us a call. I’m sure that we can save you a fortune. – Georg Molnar